Big Data and Information as a Service

Manage and visualise data using agile technologies

Information as a service in the cloud

Leverage public cloud services with Orcha to deliver information as a service in your organisation.

In the new world of digital services and the new market forces of digitisation, deregulation and globalisation, making informed decisions based on the correct information presented to business stake holders timeously is a business imperative.


With the advent of cloud databases and data warehouse technologies and with Globetom’s Orcha platform to build data integration services as business processes, our clients are deriving cost savings and business intelligence benefits without the huge cost burden associated with traditional data warehouse strategies.

Information Capital


Effective processing of operational data and the delivery of accurate information to business stakeholders typically takes several business days to weeks and even longer for large enterprises.


In small to medium enterprises, there is often a perception of onerous software license and consulting costs associated with the right to attain business intelligence.

Scalability and reliability


Orcha middleware can become part of your ESB ecosystem using the principles of ESB federation or alternatively can become your primary ESB platform.


The adoption of Orcha middleware can therefore start bottoms-up and scale out as the demand grows.

Cost effectiveness


Cost of middleware adoption is a significant barrier to many organisations, while middleware adoption to create an integrated enterprise is a business imperative for agility.


With Orcha middleware the cost obstacle is removed – we are proven to deliver at 10%-20% of the life cycle costs of leading enterprise middleware platforms.


Cost efficiencies

Leverage database technologies in the cloud instead of in-house licensing. Build data integration processes to make real-time or near real-time decisions possible in your organisation, saving you time and money.

Database technology neutrality

Enable big data capabilities without data warehouse vendor lock-in. Leverage the best of the open source and cloud worlds with column-based storage engines, open source databases.

Information availability

Make the right information available at the right time to the correct stakeholders to drive information capital as a key pillar of intellectual capital in your organisation.

Agility with language agnostics

Language agnostic development support to accommodate your developer preferences for data integration and reporting.

Data integration governance

Leverage Orcha business process modelling and orchestration to create governed data integration flows to protect data sources and to assure data quality management to business stakeholders.

Visual information at your fingertips

Visualise your information with off-the-shelf dashboard and reporting capabilities.


Data integration as a service

AWS Redshift readiness

Database technology agnostics

Single sign-on to secure information access

User role-based access to information

Configurable web portal

Visual dashboards per user role

Configurable reporting and report downloads

Report scheduling and automated distribution via email

Business process modelling for data integration

Public cloud service without compromising security

ETL (extraction, transformation and loading) data stream support


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