Integration Platform as a Service

A suite of cloud services which leverage business process modelling

iPaaS leverages business process modelling and orchestration to integrate cloud services

With the power of business process modelling and orchestration, adapter development agility and standardised cloud service integration, we offer the unique ability to deliver cloud platforms offering iPaaS capabilities.

The platform creates a cloud integration hub bringing together best of breed cloud solutions into a single reusable integration service repository.


iPaaS delivers an integration-focused business service delivery model requiring a high degree of systems integration. When this feature is coupled with API management for standardised access to integration services as well as guaranteed delivery of data back into enterprise data centres delivers, a powerful integration hub to leverage cloud services is delivered.



Leveraging Orcha iPaaS we have already integrated cloud API-based solutions such as SurveyMonkey and QuickBooks Cloud Accounting.

Scalability and reliability


Solve cloud service usage, scaling and reliability issues innovatively be leveraging Orcha middleware and SOA capabilities.


Complex event processing

Effective IoT platforms must be able to process complex events.

Single vendor solution

An IoT event processor and monetisation platform from a single vendor.

Partner onboarding

Leverage Orcha’s iPaaS to onboard your VAS partners for a service delivery ecosystem.

IoT ready

We partner with IoT device and solution industry developers to build market solutions leveraging our strong IoT Event Processor platform.


Support for simple machine-to-machine to complex event processing using business rules and policies.

Channel integration

Onboard B2B2X partner communities with RESTful Web Service API management.


Protocol mediation for integration

Real-time, high-speed data transformation

Data aggregation and caching

Data and service dependent routing

Adapter capabilities – custom and standard

Integration loop-back to enterprises

Adapter development language agnostics

Integration business process modelling

Integration activity monitoring for SLAs and KPIs

API management for RESTful services

Reusable integration services through standardised service advertising

Packaged integration services, e.g. SurveyMonkey, QuickBooks

Guaranteed processing


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