Internet of Things Platform

Manage a network of devices and applications on a single platform

Kick off your connected environment with Globetom’s IoT Event Processor

Commercialise your specialised applications with Globetom’s IoT Event Processor.

Smart devices such as smartphones and sensors are creating vast quantities of data which needs to be processed and analysed in real-time.


Globetom’s event processor provides a solution to manage a heterogeneous network of devices and applications on a single, enterprise-grade, web-scale platform.

Network management experience


We have years of Telecommunications Network Management experience and this experience translates into the unique insight that IoT will require the same network management principles to be applied to run smart IoT connected networks.



Our clients are already relying on us for micro-billing and revenue assurance with our award-winning GP3 platform. The ability to process IoT events and to ensure monetisation makes us a unique partner to any IoT green-field innovator or existing device manufacturer requiring an IoT back-end platform that takes care of the entire central processing platform needs.



As your IoT solution grows, you will no doubt start on-boarding a community of Value Added Service (VAS) providers. With Orcha IoT and iPaaS capabilities your IoT businesss will be able to automate this on-boarding by integrating with your VAS partner platforms.

Scalability and reliability


With the potential business risks and life-threatening consequences of IoT events not processed timeously or not at all, IoT innovators are going to require proven, stable application platforms to process events. With Orcha’s proven eXtreme Transaction Processing scale, our IoT partners will benefit from a back-end that takes care of business reliably, on-time.


Complex event processing

Drastically reduced cost of ownership of middleware platform.

Single vendor solution

An IoT event processor and monetisation platform from a single vendor.

Proven scale

Proven scale to hundreds of millions of messages per day with ease.

Market solutions

Language agnostic development support to accommodate your developer preferences.


Build a reusable task service repository and upgrade to Orcha SOA for service orchestration.


Engineered to run on commodity hardware and/or virtualised environments providing ease and cost-effectiveness of scale.


Register device types and devices via a web based portal to create an IoT service asset repository

Manage assets and their distribution

IoT network is managed using ITU-T Guidelines for the Definition of Managed Objects (GDMO) standards

Collect, process and correlate events to a unified format

Rate and charge events in real-time ( subscription and/or event based billing)

Best-in-class event caching in business process models for event de-duplication and correlation purposes

Configure alerts based on defined rules

Forward events

View reports and dashboards


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