Microservice Applications

Independently deployable, small, modular services

A platform for solutions driving
economic inclusion

For microservice enablement and monetisation you need the ability to scale.

Digital services will create increasingly complex Business-to-Business-to-Anything (B2B2X) partner ecosystems. In addition, digital services is viewed as a key driver for economic inclusion, in order to alleviate poverty in developing markets.


Orcha delivers on the ability to scale to deliver microservices. With the Orcha’s sister platform Revenue Weaver, microservice deployment and monetisation with full revenue assurance for all B2B2X stakeholders becomes possible at scale and with agility.

Microservices delivery can be viewed from three perspectives:

Deploy useful services in the cloud


Microservices architecture to deploy useful services in the cloud and to scale using horizontal deployment models.

Low transactional unit costs


Services that deliver value to consumers at transactional unit costs that are very low (typically below $1 per transaction) and the volumes are high.

Income share


Services for which the monetisation requires income share and tracking of income share between increasingly complex B2B2X partner ecosystems.


Low cost barriers to market entry

With support for multi-tenancy in the public cloud, single Orcha deployments can be used to support multiple digital service providers to start Minimum Viable Product (MVP) micro service initiatives.

Business-to-Business-to-Anything (B2B2X) partner ecosystems

Build multi-party business ecosystems that creates new income streams for multiple party roles in digital service delivery.

Economic inclusion

The ability to support low monetary value transaction processing at scale enables new services that drive broader economic inclusion in delivery of digital services in developing markets.

Orchestration of microservices

Orcha delivers a scalable application platform to orchestrate and reuse microservices at scale to deliver new and innovative services.

Agile minimum viable product development

With Orcha Microservices MVP development and market evaluation readiness can be achieved in a matter of days. You can therefore fail fast, refine your technical and business models and find the digital services that stick with agility.

Distribution ecosystem

In predominantly prepaid market segments, Orcha and Revenue Weaver, Globetom’s Prepaid and Distribution and Management solution, can be combined to deliver prepaid access to your microservices with vouchers and other payment resources.


Public cloud platform

Revenue management hook-ins with Globetom's billing platform, Revenue Weaver

Orchestration using business process configuration

Configuration only reuse of public cloud services using RESTful APIs

B2B2X Ecosystem Party and Party Role management

Service subscription management

Catalog integration and management for microservice subscriptions

Orchestration of multiple parties in digital ecosystem


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